Garden management

Garden Management in SuffolkGardens are personal spaces that require sympathetic care and nurturing – I am especially aware of this fact when gently managing my clients’ gardens. I approach the gardens I work on holistically and love the garden maintenance aspects of my work as much as the planning, purchasing and implementing of planting plans.

Typically I work a set number of hours per month for each of my clients, but I am also interested in taking on more intensive short-term projects like tidying up a garden prior to a house being placed on the market. Working on gardens throughout the year gives me the opportunity to manage meeting the long-term goals of my clients and also means I am fortunate enough to see my work constantly transform and enhance outdoor spaces.

You might have noticed that I haven’t written a long list of the services I provide, this ties in with my holistic approach to your garden – instead I prefer to talk about your gardening dreams and how I can help you realise them. Suffice to say that if it grows in your garden we can look after it for you.

Flowers, fruit and vegetables.
In addition to my extensive decorative and herbaceous plant knowledge I also have a great deal of experience of managing and harvesting fruit and vegetables. I have a working professional knowledge of organic gardening principles and have a keen interest in permaculture.

Hands on… or off.
My passion for all growing things is what drives my business forward – I adore sharing in the joy that a beautiful garden brings – but I also appreciate that not all of my clients are able to get involved in the more physical aspects of gardening, which is why I tailor my services to the individual needs of my clients. No two gardens are alike; so no two management schemes should be the same.


I would love to hear the ideas you have for your garden, so please get in touch…